Artist Spotlight: Levent Kopuz
Words by Seraphima Onofrei
31 December, 2007

The man discovered he had talent while drawing a sketch of the Bosphorus from the viewpoint of Çengelköy. The sketch was simple, yet it compelled him to interpret reality through the lens of a camera. With this realization, a turn in his life happened. "When you combine reality with imagination, the effect is like a dream," he says, and that is what Levent strives to create with his photography: something viewers of his work tend to admire.

Levent, a 22 year old self-confessed photography addict ("I want to photograph the world!" his website says) brings out warmth and personality from much of his subjects, whether it's a shy child or a concrete apartment building. "In my opinion, buildings are alive our energy is captured in their walls," he says of his ability to make his photos 'personal'. "I meet and work with so many different people every day, all of them constantly changing that's life! I just try to change with them." That connection with his subjects is what makes them so easy to relate to.

"Levent has great people skills which would help him direct his models well in the future," says Akif Hakan Celebi, a gifted professional who stands out in his field. "If he keeps dedicating himself to photography and improve his skills by watching the works of other great photographers, he would definitely find himself a place in this industry."

"There is one thing about me that never changes," Levent adds. "That's my understanding of value: the value of a person, of words, of touching." That tactile quality is one of the attractive qualities of his work. Selections will be on display at the next Şahane party.

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