International Istanbul Fashion Film Festival
Style ignites!

As part of our mission to help establish Istanbul as a center for emerging and exciting fashion, we are currently curating and producing this festival, scheduled for 12 April 2008. Drawing from a lush and diverse pool of talented fashion designers, stylists, enthusiasts and others involved in the local fashion scene, as well as feature-length classic films from history and short films by internationally acclaimed designers, this one-day gala showcase will surely not be one to miss!

Details at: Fashion Film Festival

photograph by akif hakan çelebi
Festival Format

More than just a series of screenings, this is a festival that is truly festive! The films will be presented in a variety of different environments and settings, and be segued with runway catwalk shows, exhibitions and a live-styling competition. The climax of the festival will be in true ISS-style, complete with runway shows, live styling competitions and interactive fashion activities. The festival is a must see for anyone interested in fashion, film and fun.

Please contact us if you are interested in submitting video or film work, getting involved with the project or collaborating with us on film production.