Workshops and Ateliers
Coming soon! 2008 calendar of creative workshops held by talented individuals from your community, people dedicated to their craft offer wisdom and techiques. Join us for these fun social activities, and learn a new skill, improve the skill you have, or just come to meet friends.

» Upcoming workshops:

  • Block Printing on Garments   (February '08)

    The life of a print begins with it's texture and careful use of the tools that create them. Learn to create these blocks, and to apply them to garments and fashionable accessories.

  • Film & Video Techniques   (February '08)

    All aspects of good film making are intrinsic to each other. Learn basic cinematography, sound, editing, and producing with an emphasis on filmmaking and production on a micro-budget.

» Stay tuned!

We are organizing many social activities like these. It brings people together in a fun way, while learning new skills. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in attending or instructing an upcoming workshop.

» Past workshops that we have held:

  • Spraypaint Stencil Art   [photos coming soon]

    The star of our workshop series, these are really fun and involve applying just about any graphic that you can create a stencil of onto fabric or paper, using spray paint. Hosted by street artist/dJ Ari Alpert.

  • Garment Re-construction   [photos coming soon]

    Two of our talented designers come together and teach the basics of taking older garments or cheap clothing from the bazaar and reworking it into fun and fashionable using accessories, stitching and applique. Hosted by Selay Guleç and Eflan B.

  • Creative Stitchery

    This was a course in creative textile layering, stitchery, sewing methods and a combination of these techniques. Hosted by Berrin Akyüz.

  • Artist Portfolio Building

    The format of this course was to build a successful artist portfolio, be analytical of your past work and exploring the creative process necessary for a career in the art or design industries. Hosted by ISS.