Interviews and Insight
Featured here are in-depth original interviews with fashion designers, emerging artists, ateliers, boutique shop owners, innovators and people making the scene.
Style watch: All the worlds' a stage.
Interview: Rodrigo Labarca, performance artist.
Performance art, disassociated improvisation, avant-garde fringe theatre: multi-talented Rodrigo Labarca is an intriguing figure. His appearances are often acted out unexpectedly...
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In step with style: shoes from Cihangir
Interview: Bilge Köprülü, shoe designer.
An emerging talent with creative ideas and an innovative approach to design, Bilge Köprülü is busy these days. After attending ITU and showcasing at IDW, she has a new line in the works. I visited her Cihangir-based atelier.
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The power of fashion in marketing
Interview: Ebru Yeni, brand clothier.
With a keen eye for what makes a brand get noticed, Ebru creates fun. Her designs pack a punch and are exciting to behold. An encounter with someone wearing one of her pieces is sure to leave an impression.
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