Our Philosophy
Art is one of the pinnacles of human achievement. A vibrant artistic community is an indicator of a society's cultural signifigance. Not only are we are here to help emerging talent develop themselves creatively and build new opportunities, but also to give the public a chance to enrich their lives through experiencing the art of their city. We aspire to support and develop the creative community, and assist those who are active within it.

ISS is the collective effort of passionate individuals in the realms of art, fashion, music and culture. Acting on behalf of artists from diverse fields and backgrounds, we help gain them exposure by showcasing their work through a variety of innovative events held in unique locations.

Painters, photographers, fashion designers, musicians, DJs, video/film makers and performers all unite to develop a locally new movement in social expression, one that transcends the categorical.

Participation in this arena is all about sharing creative passions and collaboration... ideas for the purpose of enriching our spirits and blending our cultures... essential to a positive life.

ISS is always looking for creative talent and we welcome any to contact us.